Script #40615; Episode #4.12; Airdate: 12/7/1974

Writer: Michael Norell
Director: George Fenady

Guest Cast: Barbara Nichols, Walter Brooke, Tom Reese, Charles Quinlivin, Michele Noval, Erik Estrada (uncredited).

Story: Johnny gets engaged to a woman after only a few days, but she's left out a few important details. While responding to a call, Johnny and Roy witness a pedestrian being struck by a car. A woman is badly burned, and a man is killed, in a fire caused by improperly stored gasoline.  A belly-dancer overdoses on diet pills, and a boy is bitten by a dog.  Roy and Johnny become trapped on a ledge of a burning building.

Goofs:  (1) What happened to Roy's hat before he jumps?  Take a really close look through the smoke.  You can see Johnny AND Roy take off their helmets, but Roy is wearing it in the next scene, then not wearing it when he jumps, also where are their air bottles and masks? Take a close look, now you see them, now you don't! (2)When Roy and Johnny are sitting on the bench in front of the lockers near the end of the episode and Johnny is talking about Valerie and her kids, at one point, Kevin is mouthing Randy's lines. ("…a beautiful chick.") Check it out. (3) In Drivers, Johnny says on the previous shift they sent another squad out to check on a traffic accident that occurred while the squad was responding to a call, but in Details the squad stops. (4) Station 51, engine 36 and truck 127 are called out to the house fire. When engine 51 and 36 roll up to the scene after a bit you notice truck 127 NEVER shows up. It was never mentioned to be canceled so what happened to the snorkel?

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