Dealer's Wild

Script #34404; Episode #1.6; Airdate:  2/26/1972

Writer: Carey Wilbur
Lawrence Dobkin

Guest Cast: Lou Krugman, Coleen Gray, Marian Collier, Mitch Carter, Buddy Foster, Sonja Dunson, Susan Madigan, Peggy Drier.

Story: Johnny keeps losing at cards and being stuck with doing the dishes at the station, so he creates his own card game. Roy talks down a boy in a plane after the pilot (the boy’s father) has a heart attack. A man attempts suicide three different ways. The station responds to an overturned gasoline tanker. A teenager overdoses and Roy and Johnny have to deal with disinterested bystanders.

Goofs:  (1) Dixie is home relaxing (complete with her hair down) after her shift is over and gets a visit from Brackett. He receives a call that his patient's condition has worsened and rushes back to Rampart. When we see him checking his patient, Dixie is also there, back in uniform and her hair pinned up as if she never left. I suppose it's possible she decided to work another shift. (2) When Kelly shows up at Dixie's apartment, asks for a coffee and then walks to her counter and pours himself a brandy while Dixie gets the coffee. (3) Back at Rampart, Kelly and Joe are consulting each other, Kelly calls Joe 'Jim' .

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