Script#34403; Episode #1.12; Airdate: 4/15/1972

Writer: Gerald Sanford
Christian Nyby

Guest Cast: Cicely Tyson, Gary Crosby, William Bramley, Don Matheson, John Smith, Francine York, Sandy deBruin, Edmund Cambridge, Eric Laneuville, Patricia Mickey, Buddy Lester, Ronnie Troup, Chris Forbes.

Story: In a remote area, Roy and Johnny rescue the occupants of a light plane crash. A burglar has a heart attack. Dr. Brackett treats a young football player who was tackled too hard. A babysitter brings in a boy who has overdosed on pills.

Goofs:  Gage and DeSoto respond to the call where the guy who robbed the house had a heart attack. Note that the Squad is different. It is an earlier Dodge (prior to 1970)

Tidbits:  Ronnie Troup: Daughter of Bobby Troup

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