Computer Error

Script #37415; Episode #3.14; Airdate: 12/22/1973

Writer: John Groves
Joel Oliansky

Guest Cast: Bonnie Bartlett, Mark Miller, Tami Guthrie, Audrey Landers, Danny Most, Loren Jameson.

Story: Johnny tries to get a credit card mistake corrected. A young couple is rescued from a car accident. Roy and Johnny respond to a call to rescue a pseudo-magician from a safe. A woman is trapped in an abandoned well. A fire at a junkyard proves hazardous due to phosphorus materials stored there.

Goofs:  (1) John and Roy are in the kitchen. John is sitting at the table with his paperwork and Roy was pouring himself a glass of milk. A very evident amount of milk was spilled on the floor. As Roy casually looks down you can tell he was taking care of the "clean up" with his foot. He did it a couple of times actually. (2) Towards the beginning of the show when they returned, it looks like the old Crown was there, then moments later while leaving, the rear door was up and the LaFrance was there. (3) When they are trying to get the couple out of the car that crashed, the guy says that he can't feel or move his arms or legs, but a shot just prior to that shows him moving his right leg up and down!  At the junkyard fire involving the white phosphorus Chet Kelly and Mike Stoker are both manning a inch and a half near the engine while Marco has a inch and a half covering the victim trapped by the fork lift. However there is a shot later of the back of engine 51 and all you see is ONE inch and a half coming off the back of the truck. You can clearly see the sides and there are no other hoselines attached to the sides either.

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