Script #42809; Episode #5.13; Airdate: 12/13/1975

Writer: Mark Saha
Director: Dennis Donnelly

Guest Cast: Cynthia Sikes, Craig Hundley, Ted Gehring, Barbara George

Story: Squad 51 and Rampart cross-communicate with another squad on the same frequency. The paramedics deal with airline stewardess who refuses to allow them to treat her for an overdose of sleeping pills. A teenager gets his arm caught in a pressing machine and Dr. Brackett may have to amputate to save the boy’s life. Two kids out for a joyride end up on the roof of a house. While rescuing a man trapped under a car, Johnny and Roy inadvertently cause an explosion. Chet buys a pair of skis.

Goofs:  (1) Regarding the audio tape, Brackett has the tape of the call (from 51 to Rampart) and the tape from the other squad. He plays the first tape through to the end of the conversation, then removes it. He plays the second tape through to the end, rewinds it, plays it again then removes it. Finally he replays the first tape, which, when it begins, is back at the beginning of the conversation! He did not rewind that first tape. (2) What prevents them, physically, from putting a tourniquet on the kid?

Tidbits:  Dennis Donnelly - brother of Tim Donnelly

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