Captain Hook

Script #44909; Episode #6.7; Airdate: 11/20/1976

Writer: Susan J. Alenick
Christian I. Nyby, II.

Guest Cast: Joe Maross, Jim B. Smith, Chad States, Rick Podell, Vince Howard, William Bryant, Bert Williams.

Story: The firemen plan to celebrate the imminent retirement of a strict captain with a party, under the guise of throwing a farewell dinner, but they overdo their enthusiasm. Johnny and Roy treat a woman dressed in a bear costume when she is overcome by heat exhaustion. A young man is injured in a tire explosion and refuses pain medication. The station rescues two policemen when their helicopter crashes. A family becomes hysterical when they think their mother has died.

Goofs:  (1) When they treat the girl in the bear costume, Roy says that there's "trembling in both arms" and Johnny says, "same thing over here".  Apparently she has four arms. :-) (2) When Roy and Johnny rappelled, their ropes were secured to the front tow hooks on Engine 51; when they reached the shore, they unfastened their life belts from themselves, leaving them hanging at the cliff. Later, when the patient was being lifted up in a stokes basket, the Engine was seen backing up with three lines now attached to the front. Then there's a cut back to the base of the cliff showing both lines with the lifebelts attached still hanging there. (3) There is another cut of Engine 51 backing up to bring the firefighters back up, but the surroundings of that scene appear different. (4) Roy and Johnny dive into the water when the chopper takes on water and begins to float away and then sink. Later, when they come back up to the top of the cliff, both paramedics appear to be bone dry! Low humidity? Bright sunlight?  I was okay with it since after all the breeze off the ocean might have been kind of strong and dried them off, you know?!? Until, however, Roy puts his arm with the ironed sleeve crease directly in front of the camera!!!

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