Camera Bug

Script #40603; Episode #4.10; Airdate: 11/23/1974

Writer: Rick Mittleman
Richard Bennett

Guest Cast: Ron Masak, Dianne Harper, Peter Leeds, Tyler Henderson, Adrian Ricard, Mary Rings.

Story: Johnny thinks he can be a photographer and pesters the guys at the station for candid shots. The squad responds to a call at a firestation where a fireman is suffering from chest pains. A woman is stung by a scorpion. A teenage arsonist suffers from smoke inhaliation.  The station must rescue a man trapped and injured in an overturned truck full of dynamite.  Dixie and Dr. Brackett delivery a baby at a restraunt.

Goofs:   (1) What's going on with the EKG on the fireman who has chest pains? First he's patched in, then he's not, then he is? (2) After Johnny blinds the captain with the flash,  he takes off the camera and smacks Roy in the face with it.(3) Well when they are in the apartment the roommate says they just got back from Mexico or Baja, either way, she goes to the fridge/freezer and pulls out a lobster. Well it has claws. Pacific lobsters, or Spiny Lobsters do NOT have claws, the New England Lobsters do. The two aren't even the same genus.

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