Script #34402; Episode #1.5; Airdate: 2/19/1972

Writer: Robert C. Dennis
Hollingsworth Morse

Guest Cast: Gary Crosby, Ellen Moss, Bob Hastings, Tony Dow, Trent Lehman, Edith Evanson, Lillian Bronson, Vince Howard, Art Ballinger

Story: Station 51 is called up to fight an out-of-control brushfire. An elderly woman breaks her ankle, a man injured by a horse stampede, a looter is injured in a motorcycle accident, a boy breaks his arm and loses his dog, and a fireman is trapped and injured under a fallen tree. The fire also threatens the house of a pregnant woman in labor who can’t be moved.

Goofs:  (1) How does Roy get a blood pressure of 75 over 45 when examining the woman with dehydration? Does his gauge read odd numbers?  (2) When the squad and engine are responding, the squad gets switched. It is an older squad in place of the newer one. (3) Chet cuts his hand on a broken glass and Johnny tells him to run it under water. Chet comments, "Five months training as a paramedic, and he tells me to run it under water." According to the show, doesn't paramedic training take three months?

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