Script #44902; Episode #6.14; Airdate: 2/12/1977

Writer: John Groves
George Fenady

Guest Cast: Dick Bakalyan, Brian Byers, Joan Roberts, Jean Allison.

Story: A sporadic electrical short plagues the squad, but Roy and Johnny are convinced they can fix it. A back-to-nature couple is discovered to have a variant of anthrax. The station rescues an injured man from an amusement park tower.

Goofs:  (1) When Johnny and Roy make their response to the anthrax people's house they both walk up to the door and Roy knocks. Now when they show the outside shot  Johnny doesn't have his citation packet in his hands. But yet when they show  the inside and Johnny and Roy walk in Johnny has the citation booklet in his hand. (2) At the end of the show, Capt. Stanley is worried because the engine will not start and they will have to call the mechanic. The trouble is, the sound effect which was dubbed in was that of a gasoline engine cranking. The engine in the show which was supposed to not be starting was the Ward LaFrance which has a diesel engine

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