Bottom Line

Script #44915; Episode #6.16; Airdate: 2/26/1977

Writer: Charlene & Robert Bcalver
Director: Dennis Donnelly

Guest Cast: Nick Pellegrino, Vince Howard, Belle Ellig, Kedric Wolfe, Johnny Timko

Story: Concerned that their availability for emergencies is restricted due to the over-cautious Dr. Morton, Roy and Johnny make their feelings known. A man is injured by a phosphorus grenade. While responding to a minor call, the station rescues a drowning man. Vince and another car are involved in a traffic accident.   A coach brings in one of his kids that got hit in the head with a baseball.

Goofs:  (1) When they're putting Vince in the ambulance he's covered up to his chest in a blanket but there is no blanket in the close-up shots when he talks to the captain. (2) When Johnny, Roy and Morton are all complaining about each other in Brackett's office, Johnny is sitting across the desk from Brackett. Johnny starts talking, and Brackett has to move the lamp out of the way so he can see him.

Tidbits:  Dennis Donnelly = brother of Tim Donnelly

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