Alley Cat

Script #37407; Episode #3.3; Airdate: 10/6/1973

Writer: Charlene Sukins
Alan Crosland

Guest Cast: Brooke Bundy, Virginia Gregg, Lee Bergere, Nelson Olmstead, William Challee, George Ives, X Brands, Shirley O'Hara

Story: A stray cat decides to have her kittens on Johnny's bed at the station. A family is trapped in a downed airplane. An old man gets his foot caught in a bear trap. A school develops a gas leak. Roy and Johnny rescue a man involved in a boating accident.

Goofs:  (1) Notice the cat on the bed. In the long shots, the cat is lying with her head facing the viewer's right, but in the close-ups, the cat is facing the viewer's left. (2) When they are rescuing the family in the crashed plane, Roy's  back is turned to us and his shirt is untucked, they cut away to a shot of the hill and when the come back to Roy his shirt is neatly tucked in. He must be a neat freak to get his shirt tucked back in that fast in an emergency. (3) When they are rescuing the fellow in the boating accident, Roy who has started the I.V. says, here, hold this, hands the bag to Johnny, but the bag is back in his mouth for the next shot. (4) When the squad leaves for the boating accident, Captain Stanley says "Station KMG365" instead of just acknowledging for Squad 51. Only the squad is called out on that run.

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