Lost and Found
Adam 12 Crossover Episode

Script #_____; Episode 5.4; Airdate:  10/04/1972

Writer: Michael Donovan
Dennis Donnelly

Guest Cast: Robert Fuller (Dr. Kelly Brackett), Julie London (Nurse Dixie McCall),
Bobby Troup (Dr. Joe Early), Randolph Mantooth (Firefighter-Paramedic John Gage),
Kevin Tighe (Firefigher-Paramedic Roy DeSoto), Elaine Giftos (Kathy Stephens),
Fred Holliday (Jay Simmons), Nancy King (Mary Simmons), Kirby Furlong (Jimmy Simmons),
William Boyett (Sgt. MacDonald), Chanin Hale (Irma Baker), Diane Sherry (Sheri Baker),
Milton Frome (Milton Saywer), Diedre Hall (Nurse)

Story: Officers Reed and Malloy transport a boy in a diabetic coma to Rampart Hospital, where Dr. Brackett and Nurse McCall treat him. Dr. Early is seen briefly, with paramedics Gage and DeSoto. Malloy visits his girlfriend, the head of a crisis center at Rampart, and they help locate a suicidal teen. When the diabetic boy runs away, from the hospital, the officers lead the search.

Goofs:  None known.

Information on this Adam-12 Episode was found on: TV Tome & provided by Richard Yokley.

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