Script #40622; Episode #4.23; Airdate:   3/1/1975

Writers: Buddy Atkinson, Dick Conway
Jack Webb

Guest Cast: Mark Harmon, Albert Popwell, Laura Huddleston, David Huddleston, Gary Crosby, Rose Ann Zecker.

Story:  Wild animal loose, threatening. This episode focuses on the animal control department. Johnny and Roy go on a call to a small grocery store for a man down, bleeding. Searching the back of the store, Johnny is confronted with a Bengal tiger. A big brush fire threatens a suburban canyon area with lots of domesticated animals and things get dicey all around for the fire department and the animal control guys. Rampart becomes a veterinary surgical center for a while.

Goofs: (1) Brackett is preparing to treat the baby goat and tells the animal control guys to wheel the table with the radio into the treatment room. Trouble is, that's the base station they're wheeling away. Shouldn't everything on that table be plugged into the wall? They never unplug anything, and nothing falls off the table when they move it (like it would if it were plugged in). And, by the way, if there's a raging brushfire going on, why are Johnny and Roy just hanging around Rampart? No wonder Chet thinks paramedics have it easy! (2) You can see Dixie smoking a cigarette (oh no!) while sitting in the corner. (3) When Roy and Johnny first respond to the call, the store is silent, but when the policeman and animal control guy go in, they have to turn down the music. What, did the tiger get bored and turn it on after the boys left? (4) The victim appears to be unconscious when they arrive, but after Johnny comes out and tells Roy about the tiger, he's alert enough to walk out with minimal help. If he came to, why didn't he tell Roy about the tiger? Their first question is always "what happened".   (5) When the animal control guys are getting the cats out of the attic, they ask the officer to "swing the light to your left please". Watch the officer respond. He swings it to his right instead. (6) When they show the tiger behind the meat counter, the back of the case seems to be closed. So where did the tiger get the piece of meat she was eating when Johnny spotted her?

Tidbits:  Seems that 905-Wild was meant to be a spinoff of Emergency!  Here's the TV-Guide synopsis: "Jack Webb directed this series pilot about the rescue efforts of an animal control unit. In this episode, Dr. Brackett operates on a dying goat with the help of telephone instructions from the unit veterinarian." The local paper listed "905 Wild" as an NBC program development project. (Thanks to Nancy for this info)

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