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Please check your filter settings on your e-mail program.  Spam filters or setting them to only accept certain e-mail names can cause a problem.  When this happens, our replies to you bounce, and you keep writing asking us to respond.  It is very annoying!

The e-mail links below are done with a javascript so that spambots don't harvest our e-mail addys.

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Contact the webmaster (Erika)

You would contact the webmaster for technical problems or questions encountered when visiting the site.  Things like broken links, adding a link, typos, bulletin boards & chatrooms.  You would also contact the webmaster about making a donation toward the URL and about hosting non-vintage materials (fan fiction, filksongs) etc.  (Before you click on the e-mail below -- we post all the info we have on DVD releases on the site and I do not have any control over what stations broadcast "Emergency!."  Also, I cannot "make sure" anyone shows up at your (choose one:  birthday party, cruise, convention, charitable event, etc.)  Please contact the actor's agent about personal appearances, that's what they get paid for.

Contact the researcher/content manager (Rozane)

You would contact the researcher/content manager for pretty much anything else.  Things like additional contact information on cast & crew members, donations or loans of vintage materials (such as photos or sound files) for the website, etc.  Click on the e-mail below:

For those of you with mail filters (especially AOL users):

If you e-mail me and do not hear back from me within 3 days, please know my e-mail to you is not getting through.  I do answer all e-mails.  Please check your filters for the controls you have set.  Spam filters or setting them to only accept certain e-mail names can cause this problem.

Emergency! photos & scripts for sale

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