The following pics are from Diane Troup, Lisa, Deb, Tangee, N. Ellen, Rozane & me.  Thumbnails of more pictures are located on another page. Click on the pictures to view them at their full-size.  

final.jpg (302976 bytes)

Lisa's Dream Photo. See what a little creativity can accomplish?  LOL, This is not an "actual" photograph from the con, but a cleverly created picture by Lisa Damiani, using several photographs from the event.  (I think she was sitting on Randy's lap in her first draft ;-)  What a fantastic job!  Oh, and Laura wanted me to add that this was the only way to get her in a picture w/the rest of the group because she was SO busy actually working! :-}"   heh heh heh.  Standing (left to right) Laura Aguiar, Mike Stoker, Vickie Beck, Kevin Tighe, Marco Lopez, Rozane, & Tim Donnelly.  Kneeling (left to right) Krys, Randolph Mantooth, Lisa Damiani & Tangee Taylor.  This photo is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to imply that anyone in it endorses, approves of, condones or condemns anything in particular.  ;-)


preparing.jpg (49786 bytes)Preparations

Here we are, Thursday night, preparing some of the handouts for Friday.

(from left to right) Maribel's Mom (her name escapes me at the moment, such a sweet lady!), Maribel, Rozane, Laura, and Vicki.

That's my empty chair between Maribel & Roz ;-)


luncheon.jpg (30202 bytes)Private Luncheon

A snapshot of the private luncheon Friday afternoon.  The table to the left was ours.  We lucked out and got Marco Lopez, James McEachin, Randolph Mantooth, Tim Donnelly and Dennis Donnelly at our table!  I don't think anyone  ate more than two bites!

(our table, starting at the empty chair and going clockwise):  Laura, Tangee, Lisa, Marco, Vickie, Tim, James, & Randy.  (the table in the foreground, starting with the empty chair & going clockwise):  Jean Cinader, Hannah Shearer, Carol Barta, Randy Carver, Tom Williams (back to camera) & Bobby Troup.


xmix4.jpg (18068 bytes)The Gang

Marco Lopez, Tim Donnelly, Ron Pinkard, Robert Fuller and Bobby Troup pose for a shot after the luncheon.


daboys.jpg (41053 bytes)DA BOYS

(from left to right) Ron Pinkard, Kevin Tighe, James McEachin, Mike Stoker, Robert Fuller, Bobby Troup (seated), Marco Lopez, Tim Donnelly, & Randolph Mantooth.

After patiently posing for what seemed like hundreds of pictures for Cezar, Bobby Troup asks, "How many f'ing pictures are we going to take?"  I laughed my butt off!  God love that man!


The Committee Catches a Ride on the Squad

committeesquad.jpg (16403 bytes)



Awards Ceremony(left to right) Tim Donnelly, Marco Lopez, Randolph Mantooth, Mrs. Sam Lanier, Laura Aguiar, Mrs. Bob Cinader, Jim Page, Kevin Tighe (speaking), Chief Freeman, the rep from the LACo Board of Supervisors, Rick Dominguez the MC, the chaplain from the LA City FD, James McEachin, Mike Stoker, Robert Fuller and (not shown, far right) Bobby Troup.

awards.jpg (27541 bytes)

The Crew Q&A Session.  (left to right) Mickey Michaels, Dick Friend, Bob McCullough, Bruce Mortimer, Mike Lewis, Jim Brewer, Mike Williams, Jim Page, Rick Dominguez? (M.C.), Harold Frizzell, Dennis Donnelly, Gino Grimaldi, Hannah Shearer, Randal Carver and Johnny Miller

awards2.jpg (35820 bytes)


headquarters.jpg (48276 bytes)Los Angeles County Fire Department Headquarters.

They had all sorts of neat stuff set up for us including a water drop from a helicopter, an exploding car and lots of great demos including: repelling, foam, and various equipment.

You can find more pictures from the tour at Headquarters among the thumbnails.


x127tour.jpg (14625 bytes)The Tour of Station 127

Unfortunately neither Rozane or I were on this part of the tour but it looks like everyone is having a good time.

More pictures from 127 can be found among the thumbnails.


kevrand.jpg (34211 bytes) randyandkevin2.jpg (12759 bytes)
Photo provided by Diane Troup.  Thanks Diane!

NOT ENOUGH?  Plenty more photos can be seen on our thumbnail page.

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