(Roy DeSoto in Universal Television's "Emergency!")

Kevin Tighe, the actor, is well known to the very large viewing public of Universal Television's "Emergency!" series, in which he portrays paramedic Roy DeSoto. He will, in the not too distant future, also be well known as a director. He has already directed two segments of the series in which he stars and intends to continue on down directorial avenues, as well as continue his acting career.

His very public story began in early November of 1971, when he was signed to a contract by Universal Studios. Two days later he was before the cameras as one of the two starts of "WORLD PREMIERE: Emergency!"

Born in Los Angeles, Kevin's family moved to Pasadena early in his childhood. Almost before unpacking, he began to haunt the Pasadena Playhouse, sitting in on classes and often taking part in readings when one of the regular students was absent. As a result, he was given a part in the Playhouse production of "Our Town".

Kevin attended St. Phillips Grammar School in Pasadena, Pasadena High School and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from California State in Los Angeles. He received his master's degree in fine arts from USC, where he remained to teach contemporary theatre for a year.

A two-year hitch in the Army (he was stationed at Fort Knox) temporarily interrupted thoughts of the law as the career. With his service behind him, he headed for Europe and was actually about to enroll in a law school in Prague, when he decided to return to the States and the acting profession.

His first film role was in "The Graduate". As Henry Carver in the Maggie Smith-Robert Stephens revival of "Design for Living" on the stage of Los Angeles' Ahmanson Theatre, he again captured the attention of film-makers and won a contract at Universal Studios.

Combined with his running role in the series and his interest in self expression, Kevin Tighe is a man constantly in motion and his energies are currently revolving around acting and direction. He also treasures periods of seclusion and dabbles in writing.

Divorced, he is the father of a daughter, Jennifer Rachel, whom he tries to   see two or three times a week.

BIRTHDATE: August 13
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
HAIR: Reddish-brown
EYES: Blue

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