(John Gage in Universal Television's "Emergency!")

Randolph Mantooth is a young man who decided early in life where he was going, quite a feat for someone who lived in every state in the union but two before he was out of his teens. His goal has been reached with a Universal Studios contract and a starring role in Jack Webb's dramatic series, "Emergency!" in which he plays a paramedic fireman.

Born in Sacramento, California (the year was 1945), he and his mother traveled with his father, a construction worker, throughout the United States. It was not until his sophomore year in high school that his family decided to settle in Santa Barbara. By then Randy had a brother and two sisters.

"At the age of 15 I saw a play and decided I might like to be a actor. My junior year I took a class in drama and was hooked."

After graduating from high school, Randy went to college in Santa Barbara and continued his interest in theatre work. During the summers he appeared in plays at various community theatres. He applied to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and was accepted. That first year there were almost 500 aspiring actors in classes; the second year only 85 were invited to return; Randolph was amour them.

At the Academy, he won a best actor award for his performance in "Philadelphia, Here I Come". Attending the performance was Universal Studios ' East Coast talent head, Eleanor Kilgallen. 

He graduated in March and went to work as a page at NBC. In April, his agent called, telling him to hurry over to Miss Kilgallen's office. The result was an exclusive contract with Universal. Twenty-four hours later he was on a plane headed for Hollywood.

Arriving in Los Angeles at 1 a.m., he was bedraggled, tried and somewhat uptight, carrying six suitcases and two cats. Due at the studio the next morning to meet West Coast talent head Monique James at 9 a.m., by 11 a.m., Randolph Mantooth had his first television role. He was to work the next day in "Marcus Welby, M.D."

Randy likes to hike, camp, anything which will take him out into the peace and quiet, when he isn't working. His hobbies vary; "That's why they're hobbies."

BIRTHPLACE: Sacramento, Calif.
BIRTHDATE: September 19, 1945
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
HAIR: Dark Brown
EYES: Brown

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