(Dixie McCall in Universal Television's "Emergency!")

Julie London isn't sure whether it was her early career as a actress which led into her singing career or whether it was her expert vocalization that made producers take notice of Julie London, actress.

Either way, it was her career as a mother that led to her decision to portray nurse Dixie McCall, in Universal Television's "Emergency!" series. She has three children at home and wanted to be with them on a regular basis.

Starring in "Emergency!" is a first for her, as far as having a regular routine on a regular basis. She likes the feeling of being at home that this arrangement allows.

After several years as a highly successful night club performer, which was launched with her recording of "Cry Me A River", Julie has discovered that her preference is acting. All who view her agree that along with given excellence as a actress, or singer, she ain't bad to look at either way.

Julie is genuinely amazed at the demands for her acting services and her popularity as a singer.

But Jack Webb isn't surprised by her talent. Julie was the only actress he visualized in the role of Dixie McCall and it was Webb who persuaded her, along with her husband, Bobby Troup, to sign for the series. As Webb explains it, "People forget that she was a helluva actress before she ever   sang a note!"

Julie London's Cinderella career began shortly after her graduation from high school in San Bernardino, California. Moving to Los Angeles, she was working as a sales girl in a department store when the late Alan Ladd's wife, talent scout Sue Carol, spotted her. A screen test quickly brought forth a studio contract and an acting career was born.

Among her film credits are "Man of the West" with Gary Cooper and "The Great Man" with Jose Ferrer.

Her marriage to Bobby Troup stimulated her other career, singing.

The Troups have three children: Kelly, their only daughter, and twins Jody and Reese. Julie's children to Jack Webb are Stacy and Lisa.


BIRTHPLACE: Santa Rosa, California
BIRTHDATE: September 26
HEIGHT: 5' 3"
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue

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