(Dr. Kelly Brackett in Universal Television's "Emergency!")

Robert Fuller, an actor who was once known for western roles, has successfully made the transition from levis to doctors smock; from early west cowboy to modern day, west-coast doctor.

Universal Television's hour-long series, "Emergency!", airing over the NBC Television Network on Saturday evenings and going into it's fourth season this fall has Fuller portraying staff doctor in the emergency ward at a Los Angeles hospital.

Born in Troy, New York, Fuller is the son of a naval officer. His mother is a choreographer. The family moved to Florida and Illinois before finally settling in California.

Prior to the Korean conflict, Fuller gained exposure to show business through a small part in a musical. In the Army, he served Korea as a sergeant First Class with the 24th Infantry.

Returning to the states, he went to New York and entered Sanford Meisner's acting classes at the Neighborhood Playhouse.

Next came Hollywood and his first professional film assignment - an extra in "Friendly Persuasion", starring Gary Cooper.

Eventually, landing the starring role of Jess in Universal Television's "Laramie" series, Fuller became one of television's biggest stars. It was the turning point of his career, not only establishing his popularity in the U.S., but also internationally.

"Laramie" was followed by "Wagon Train", and subsequently, a number of roles in both television and motion pictures. Along the way, he has been honored five times with the Otto Award, Germany's highest prize for television actors, as well as Japan's top acting award.

Today, after over twenty years in the business, Fuller retains the same attitude towards roles as when he first began: "If I don't feel the characterization, or don't believe in it, then I just won't do a part, regardless of the money involved." He's turned down parts, not because he didn't buy the characters, but because he didn't buy him playing them.

Concerning his role in "Emergency!", Fuller states that he was afraid he would be up to his neck in antiseptic every episode. But he saw potential in the character of Dr. Brackett which has since been justified.

He continues to act at the same studio where he first rose to stardom, even  having the same dressing room and today is a contented man.

Fuller spends his leisure time in a variety of ways: being an expert horseman, he enjoys riding, is a avid hunter and has won numerous awards for being a crack shot.

BIRTHPLACE: Troy, New York
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
HAIR: Dark Brown
EYES: Blue

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