What is KMG365?

The *KMG365* that the Captain (or whoever acknowledges the radio dispatch) says, is the FCC station license number for the base radio at that station. It is similar to the station license munmbers like KTLA, WTBS, etc. that TV and radio stations use and the N6ACY, W5TZB, etc. that *ham* radio operators use to ID themselves per the FCC regulations. For instance, KA4993 is the FCC station license number for all the mobile radios (car, motorcycle, truck) that the Calif. Highway Patrol uses. Additionally, each CHP station's base radio (and each regional CHP dispatch center) has a different station license number.  - information provided by Erik

Did you know...
KMG-365 is an actual call sign, licensed to the County of Los Angeles for the radio frequency of 154.430 - which is an assigned fire service frequency? It is! I just searched the FCC's site and this is an actual call-sign. Now, I'm not certain if LACoFD actually uses this frequecy (or callsign), but it is valid.  - information provided by Mark

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